If I run fast enough, fancy trying out being a Vegan?

Yesterday I made this social media post;

“The weekend of June 11th, 2016 will be the 10 year anniversary of a very special experience for me. It was at that time, in 2006, that I caught a glimpse into the next world and came back determined to enjoy this one more, whilst it lasts. There are 2 things to say about this; firstly, I understand that some fear death but take heart, if my own experience is anything to go by, there is nothing to fear when your time comes. Everything will slowly go white as the blood supply to your brain fades away, and you will be feel cool and comfortable and very light. There will be no regrets and all the things you now think you’ll have a hard time leaving will drop from your mind without you giving them a second thought. If you’re lucky enough to pass on in summer, outside, as I did then the coolness of your body will feel nice as the last wind brushes through you. The second thing to say is that I’m so happy to have come back and to be around still, and to celebrate this I’m going to do the best I can to have a kick ass next 6 weeks in the lead up to the anniversary. I’ll also try to make it as fun for you as it will be for me because, well, without you this particular existence is an odd one so I’m grateful you’re around; the first post about this will come tomorrow.”

And then following on from that, this is the post I made today. Hopefully it all makes sense, any problems find me on facebook or email me via dave@davewise.biz :)

“Do any of you fancy trying out a plant-based, feel-good lifestyle (that’s if you’re not already living one!)? If so, perhaps consider this. I’m racing tomorrow in a marathon. It’s my 4th race this year, and for the 1st 3 races I’ve run faster than I’ve ever run before, by some margin. Tomorrow will be harder for me as I set my best marathon time years ago and last year I tried 3 times to beat it but missed out by over 20 minutes (which is a lot in marathon running terms!). But, I think that my new eating/lifestyle habits have helped me this year and I’m confident I can run well tomorrow. If I do, i think I’ll have proven to myself that I have some useful knowledge to pass on.

photo 5 (13)

So if you’ve had a wish to try out a vegan diet, a different mindset and an exercise routine that seems to be working well in getting results but wouldn’t know how to do so on your own, or want to do this and be held accountable to make the process easier and more friendly, then consider entering my 5 week challenge. If I do beat my best time tomorrow, and qualify for the Boston Marathon in the process, then a week later we’ll start. I’ll work with you via email or skype to sort out a vegan diet that you’ll enjoy, and likewise an exercise routine. I’ll point you in the direction of decent online info so you understand more about the health, environmental and ethical benefits of the lifestyle, and hopefully that will help you to sustain what you’re doing independently when the 5 weeks comes to an end. This isn’t a scam, there’s no money involved and I’m not angling to become a personal trainer, and it isn’t just for you, I want to learn more recipes, more yoga, more ways of putting into words what I think I know and more ways of doing decent stuff in general and helping you will help me as I need a kick up the ass as much as anybody when it comes to getting motivated. I’ve also no doubt that during our exchange I’ll learn as much from you as you do from me. Added to this I’ve stopped working for the next 6 weeks so I have time to devote some serious thinking space to this (sorry to those who asked me about food advice before, I’m on it now and will be in touch :) ). There’s two things to bear in mind; if you sign up please don’t drop out, and you must be prepared for some straight talking because I don’t think real progress is easy to make without it.

So keep an eye out tomorrow to see how I do in the race, and if I qualify for Boston and you want to test out being a healthy vegan for a while then message me please, and share this if you feel your friends may be interested. Thanks :)

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