Gilgamesh, and Climate Change

4,000 years ago, a poet wrote the epic of Gligamesh. At one point Gilgamesh, the king, the symbol of human civilisation, enters the great cedar forest and kills the demon there (the demon being nature). Gilgamesh then cuts down all the trees. The poet makes a point of inferring that this is bad, that humans know it’s bad, perhaps because they did it before 4,000 years ago and witnessed what happens when you destroy nature. That was 4,000 years ago, remember, we knew then that we must respect nature, not think of ourselves as above it or in some way it’s master. And although it’s one of the most famous texts in human history, we didn’t learn from Gilgamesh.

This video below was made before the US elections this year.

Vote, he says, and people did vote, and now the forthcoming US minister for the environment, or whatever they call them, is going to be a climate change denier. I’m trying to look behind the curtain here, to step to one side and see a different point of view, there’s got to be a solution found in the realisation that we as a species refuse to learn from our mistakes. Clearly we can’t learn from our mistakes, so how can we use that inability to our favour?

We’ve perhaps got to pull off one giant hoax on ourselves, if that’s the way we learn and survive. What a shame though, that we can’t forge forward with honesty, that we have to play tricks on ourselves and perhaps comfort ourselves with talk of the dark side, the shadow, Darth Vader and all that Joseph Cambell/philosophy bullshit, what a shame we can’t just learn from our mistakes and rise above all that we know, and become the future that could be.

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