90kms and 41 degrees; A tough day on our LSR & Sri Lankan Airlines Adventure

We’d dropped almost 1,000 metres in 35kms by the time we got to last nights stop, and gone from a pleasant 25 degrees to a steamy 41 centigrade. As we approached the hotel yesterday afternoon I could hear my tyres sticking to the tarmac. I was pretty hot and bothered myself at the end of the ride but a cold shower sorted me out.

I’d seen road signs saying that it was 170kms to Batticoloa, which is where we are due tomorrow, so I knew today and tomorrow were going to be long and perhaps tough days. As it turned out though, today wasn’t as tough as I’d feared.

We had to cover 90kms and the temperature once again reached 41 degrees, but the kms went past easily as the road was excellent (hardly a single pothole in all of that distance) and the scenery lovely. This is a typical roadside view.


We also made plenty of stops for drinks, which helped. First it was tea.


This is the chap who served us.


Then it was very cold orange fizzy. Here’s the team (Lamia, LH and Siri, our driver and guide) enjoying it, and the lady who served us.



And finally, it was our favourite. King Coconut water, straight from the coconut. Here’s the nuts, and the lady who ran the stall.



The area we cycled through was rich in wildlife. We saw sign of elephant, there were huge butterflies, lots of egret and ibis birds, a few peacocks (I’d never seen a wild peacock before) and mongoose. The sky turned black just as we approached Ampara, our rest stop for the night, so we knew we were in for a soaking…


…and that’s what we got, but it was warm rain and refreshing after such a hot ride.

We’ve a fine hotel to stay in now and the promise of seeing the coast tomorrow and perhaps even the famous singing fish of Batticoloa! Then it’ll be another day of cycling until our finish point at the LSR hotel om the sandy beach of Passikuda.

Off to dinner now then bed! Got to refuel and rest well before what’s sure to be a scenic but very hot 80-odd kms tomorrow.

Our tour has been provided by LSR - www.lsr-srilanka.com

We flew nonstop London to Colombo with Sri Lankan Airlines - www.srilankan.com

2 Responses to "90kms and 41 degrees; A tough day on our LSR & Sri Lankan Airlines Adventure"

  1. To David and his friends,
    May I use your blog to act as a liaison for a special Internet message to your guide L.H. from LSR, the best one I’ve known so far in Sri Lanka. You are in good hands with him.
    Nice travel Blog, I enjoyed reading.

    • davidwiseuk

      Hi Elizabeth, Sure, please do. LH is great, i agree, he’s been guiding us across the island since 5th May and will be with us until the 25th. Thanks for reading! Regards, David